Press Kit

Kill the Plumber will be the first game of 2016! (January 1, 2016)

Description - Gameplay Mechanics

Challenging anti-platformer game where you play as the enemies instead of the hero. Kill The plumber is a parody to other platformers. Your goal is to stop the 'protagonist' from winning each level. You start off as a slow minion who can't even jump, but has enough power to kill the hero. As you get the hang of it, you start playing as other enemies that can jump, shoot, stomp and even fly, sometimes controlling more than one character at a time!

Story - What the game is about

It was a peaceful day in the kingdom, when all of a sudden a Mexican plumber decided to rampage and cause destruction.  No matter what the critters threw at him, he kept coming back, and even tried to kidnap their princess.

Features - What's included in the steam version

  • Play 144 levels over snow, grassland, beach, underwater, dungeon and castle levels.
  • Over 30 playable characters
  • Achievements room
  • Recorded speedruns
  • Full controller support
  • Multiple ways of beating levels, even exploiting!

Important Links

KTP on Steam - get your copy today!
KTP facebook - like this page to get the most current updates for KTP
Articles - IGN, Siliconera 


Teki Town - Meet the Developers

Iskander "Izzy" Aminov (Twitter) - A game dev since 2008 and graphic artist for way longer than that. His whole career so far has been about teaming up with random people to make games with.  This game specifically happened to be the jackpot among fans.
Bari "Keybol" Silvestre - Developer from the Philippines with many popular flash games under his belt, most known for his award-winning and viral Pretentious Game (iOS/android/steam). His games have been showcased and nominated in many conventions like Indie Prize Europe/US/Asia, Tokyo Game Show and has done talks on various topics at Casual Connect and IGF China. He is currently the no. 7 in Top Selling Developers at

Backstory - How we got here

Kill The Plumber (KTP) started as a flash game but eventually grew into a successful brand through different sites and the Let's Play community.  Without youtube gamers, we wouldn't have gotten this far, they're the real heroes of this story.

We are a small indie game development team and it's hard to make it big. However with the success of KTP, we decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign to put KTP on steam.  Enough people were interested that we got the funding necessary for us to submit the game on steam, after we passed steam's Greenlight with flying colors.

Other Notes

  • From the creator of Pretentious Game
  • Winner of Excellence in Design at Independent Games Festival China 2015
  • We've also been invited to other conferences, but are too poor to attend them...