Kill the Plumber - Steam Release Date

January 1st of 2016 is our official release date!
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Making a T-Shirt Design

Getting close to finishing our shirt, here it is so far -


Support us on Kickstarter!

We've launched a Kickstarter campaign to make sure we have enough funding to finish Kill The Plumber, and even add more content if more people are interested in it.  Some veatures we'd like to add are -

  • 4 new worlds
  • minigames
  • multiplayer
  • huge final boss!
There is a limited "Early Bird" tier, which will get you the game at 20% off when released, and other rewards feature in game credits, a portrait or a shirt.  Please help support us if you're at all interested!


Teki Town Up and Running!

TekiTown.com is live as well.  It will have info about our games and collaborators there.


Up and Running!

Killtheplumber.com is now live.  We'll be posting updates and information about our game here.